Where to start with porting to use Postgres?

I’m want to convince my boss to use Meteor for a new project, but he won’t budge on using Postgres instead of Mongo on the server- on the client, minimongo is fine.

I know some packages exist for Postgres connection (notably numtel:pg) but it doesn’t seem to be as seamless as the “native” Mongo solution.

What I’d like to do is write a drop in adaptor for Meteor to use to talk to Postgres instead of Mongo (open source of course), but otherwise keep everything else the same- basically, use Postgres exactly the same as Mongo is used now, no need for extra calls or methods.
The Postgres backend would be translated to minimongo before shipping to the client, and client updates would be translated back to SQL before being put into the database.

My question is, before starting this is there a recommended way to go about this? I’m basically thinking that I’d rather implement it as a package, but I’m not sure whether a package can modify something so core to the overall project.

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