Where's the documentation for OAuth1 and OAuth2?

I can’t seem to find any documentation for the oauth1 and oauth2 packages. Could someone point me in the right direction? (say I wanted to access Yelp’s API, which is OAuth1 - how would I do this in Meteor?)

Bump. Where oh where…

I’m not aware of any documentation per se for oauth1/2. When I wrote an oauth2 package for my company’s oauth service, I just worked from the MDG packages themselves - they are generally well annotated.


+1 for sure. Has been taken me awhile how to figure out.

I’m revisiting this topic many moons later. I need to implement OAuth with Asana (I do realize there’s a package out there, but I’d rather build this myself).

Where do I start? Is there a sort of Meteor OAuth starting point that I could build off of?

You could take a look at at an article I wrote a while ago:


It’s still relevant (and works), although I was only just getting into ES6, so the syntax may be a bit off in some places.


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