Which hosting providers come close to Galaxy in terms of monitoring node apps?

I’m looking into ways to host a nodejs app with Apollo and am looking for monitoring/deployment solutions similar to the meteor experience, the two things to look out for here are:

  • Fairly simple deployment

  • Performance monitoring of containers

  • Bonus if there’s no downtime deployment but not mandatory

Options I’m aware of are Digital Ocean (doesn’t have monitoring afaik) and heroku. Any other options? What would you recommend?

Modulus soon to be xervo has all of the above.

I have been using it in production for over a year now. Really awesome.

I believe Windows Azure has everything you listed.

Have a look at Heroku and Azure.

Thanks for the question, and answers :slight_smile: I think my you might be able to answer my question too regarding hosting :slight_smile: Any of you know if I switch my app to Apollo, could I still host it on Galaxy the same way as I did before?

You could check https://orion.hosting too… it has monitoring tools, like galaxy.

You can host your apollo app the same way you host your meteor app, without changing anything.

Thanks Nicolas. We are in middle of the migration of our stack. When we’re ready we’ll evaluate our different options (Galaxy, Orion and of course also hosting on AWS ourselves.).

NodeChef has a nice platform for hosting Node.js apps. Very simple deployment options with no downtime. And good container monitoring tools.