Which is easier to learn react or angular

I want to continue learning meteor for me blaze was easy to build simple apps. But I see alot of movement towards react .I also learnt a bit about angular. But which one would have similar feel as blaze. Should I continue to use blaze.?

If you are looking for something similar to Blaze, you won’t find one. You can continue using Blaze for smaller apps, but for larger apps, you can choose between React, Vue and Angular. The community is pushing more for React for performance reasons.

I love how testable react is.

I will continue to use blaze and better understand meteor.

I tried learning both Angular and React and ended up using React. In my opinion it is much simpler. You just need to understand 2 concepts, props and state once you know those you know React, then you understand how those blend with Meteor Minimongo publications system and it becomes so simple and straightforward. As for Angular it seemed to complicated for me.

React is much easier than Angular. i used PHP before and React is like PHP with alot of echo/print inside. :smiley:

From a personal perspective, React is certainly way more organized conceptually. But none of these are easier than Blaze (with Spacebars). Although I have to admit that for smaller apps, Blaze is fine, but once you start getting more complex stuff happening you find yourself repeating the same routine once and once again.

In other words: Blaze needs more work done to do less. I think it is possible to develop a framework on top of Blaze, but why to reinvent the wheel when you can easily take advantage of the React community and migrate your app to use it as your UI framework.

For instance, I ended up writing a mini-helper to do simple math operations on markup with Spacebars. And this kind of thing is what you’re going to face once and once again with Blaze/Spacebars (it lacks a lot of features other UI frameworks/engines have).

Meteor backend is certainly one of the best I’ve seem so far, so, I think the only thing you’ll have to replace is the template engine, and React seems to be a very good fit for it.