Which is the correct react package?


I noticed there are two packages, react and reactjs:react. Which is the one we should be using? The react one appears to be official MDG, but I thought official React support wasn’t coming till 1.2.


Hi, I think we haven’t been particularly clear about it because the “offical” react packages are still in somewhat of a preview stage, and are planned to be officially supported starting with Meteor 1.2 release.

react is probably the best one to use, because it is the package that will be maintained for the foreseeable future.

We should probably do something to make it clear that reactjs:react is not the “official” one anymore.


Excellent. Thanks, Sashko!


For future reference packages without : are official Meteor packages


I think you mean packages without : are official Meteor packages.



Oops! Edited that now to avoid confusion