Which jQuery-UI package is preferred?

I want to use the jQujery-UI dialog for creating Modal forms; at atmosphere.com, there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to meteorized jQuery-UI packages; not only is there “linto” https://atmospherejs.com/linto/jquery-ui, but many others.

How am I to know which one is the preferred package? Is the number of downloads, or the number of stars, a good barometer? I think not necessarily, because perhaps a newer one is actually better. For example, mizzao:jquery-ui has fewer downloads than lino:jquery-ui (11.4K as oppsed to 13.9K), but maybe it’s a lot newer…how is one to know which is better?

I use ruslan:jquery-ui though I am trying to get rid of it, I am still unable to. Primarily because if I use meteor npm save jquery-ui and import it, the jquery-ui cannot find jquery