Which JS/programming books are perfect for mastering meteor?


I want to become better at programming with javascript and using meteor. I don’t think I need or should necessarily focus on a meteor book, I still have to go through the full discovermeteor anyway. I’m more thinking about javascript and or programming books that would be useful to go over stuff that applies to meteor programming, such as programming patterns that are commonly used in meteor.

For a JS book I’d like to get a recommendation for a good book that also teaches ES 2015. Any thoughts?


JavaScript is changing rapidly so it’s hard to recommend a certain pattern that’s used in Meteor. There also isn’t a defacto pattern so it’s up to you to roll your own.

EventedMind is really nice for learning the internals.

I think a general CS background would help. Harvards free CS50 is really really good. Either with Edx or just following the problem sets/lecture on : http://cs50.tv/2014/fall/

For books this is great but no ES6: http://www.amazon.com/Professional-JavaScript-Developers-Nicholas-Zakas/dp/1118026691

knowing these inside and out is helpful:


One problem is that most of the javascript books will become a little deprecated when ES6 becomes more common. There’s a lot of weird workarounds in vanilla javascript that are being fixed.

Try working on ES6