Which Meteor boilerplate are you using and why?


I’m trying to decide which meteor boilerplate to use until now just stuck with the Discover Meteor file structure. Let me know what your using? Why? or any other recommendations



I’ve used iron-cli for a few of my projects and it works pretty well. The file generator comes in handy :wink:


I’ve created my own shell script that creates all the files I usually use, fills some with some starter code, adds my most often used packages, and I’m good to go.


Any chance I can take a look at it?


Sure! https://github.com/ffxsam/meteor-scaffold

It’s very rudimentary still. My plan is to eventually make it somewhat interactive like yeoman. But, of course, feel free to clone it and modify to fit your own needs.


@ffxsam That’s pretty nice! Thanks for sharing.


I’ve rolled my own… mostly for fun and also to get just the right boilerplate. https://github.com/AdamBrodzinski/meteor-generate

However this has evolved a bit since i’ve updated it… instead of ‘PostsController’ i’m using a similar object called ‘PostsDomain’ and using FlowRouter which only handles routes. Any logic that used to live in IronRouter’s controller is now in the topmost template of an item (FeedListContainer). This Container template just handles data fetching and subscribing.