Which mobile UI framework is the best match for Meteor?

What is the main selling argument of Meteor? It is that “Meteor enables building applications rapidly”, right? When you build an application, the mobile part is something NOT less important than the Web part.
I have been examining & trying Meteor for the last couple of months. Until now, everything is so good, easy, consistent, intuitive and fun. But when I want to develop an application that also has a professional mobile app, I got a bit stuck. I can’t see what Meteor provides for building a mobile app, either hybrid or native. As far as I see, Meteor only gives Cordova which wraps your app to be used on a mobile WebView. I hope I am mistaken …
There are many UI frameworks available in the market like, Framework7, jQuery Mobile, Onsen UI, Ionic and React Native, etc.
If I want to have a framework that can be used with a Meteor with minimal effort of integration and without modifying Meteor’s components like Blaze, Routing etc. Which one can I use?
Apparently, it is only the Bootstrap. Although Bootstrap is a natural fit for Meteor, you know it does not provide much more than the reactive view. If I want to handle even basic mobile UI events like swiping or touch-hold, etc., I cannot do it by only using Bootstrap.
So, which mobile UI framework is the best match for Meteor in terms of smooth integration and with feature rich capability?

we use on our project Framework 7 v1. the only problem . This is the loss of the effect of the transition between pages. but it is corrected by packages of meteor

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I’ve started going with only pure CSS, and mainly with flexbox. I’ve even removed Bootstrap 3 out of from my code. Now, I want to use 3rd parties in minimum and prefer using only light NPM packages which are compatible with Meteor & React. As introducing another framework is bringing another kind of burden, as well.

Same here, React and Meteor, that’s about it. Plain CSS. With the CSS grid support in modern browsers the need for former grid frameworks is not there anymore either

I do use https://www.styled-components.com though…


I would recommend CSS Flexbox, too. Wes Bos gives a nice overview of it here

To be honest, even if not perfect Bootstrap 4 is my preferred solution. Has a broad community and a lot of templates, which if you want to developer an app fast, will save a lot of time of building the whole design from the ground up.

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