Which mongodb database is cheaper?

Which mongodb datatabase that cheaper and stable?

I think this one is the best: Which mongodb datatabase that cheaper and stable? - Google Search

Cheap | Fast | Stable => choose 2 of them. You can also host your own mongodb server.

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It’s a good idea to have your database as close to your apps as possible to avoid latency and provide a smooth experience to the users.

Ideally, you can check if your current cloud provider also offers managed MongoDB in the same region of the apps you own. That way you can also completely close it off to the internet and only have your private cloud access to it.

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You can host your MongoDB with Galaxy now. The price is very competitive as well.
If you deploy your apps already in Galaxy, you will have low latency.

Read more about it here: Meteor 3.0 and Galaxy 2.0 Launch Week - #25 by acamikuro

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The button in the galaxy dashboard says “Request database to our team”, which implies it’s a manual process. I would hazard a guess that someone looking for a cheap DB hosting option is probably a hobbiest and requesting a DB personally is probably a turn off, even if the price is competitive.