Which of the following Meteor packages can be replaced by npm packages?

As I’m growing more and more frustrated with outdated Meteor packages that I can’t update due to dependencies (that eventually form a tight knit disaster like amyloid does in your brain when you have Alzheimer), see here as well, I thought it would be a good idea to check if npm packages exist for the following Meteor packages:


I also have problems with the useraccounts:bootstrap@1.14.2 package which uses a very old version of softwarerero:accounts-t9n (1.3.11) and is causing problems as well. I’m not even using t9n so lots of additional dependencies that I really don’t need. The whole Meteor package is 3 years old:


and uses a very old version of coffeescript as well which is giving me a headache in our Admin app as well.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi, I don’t think the packages mentioned first (babel-compiler, babel-runtime, standard-minifier-js) are not the ones causing your problems.

What I’m seeing with clients usually are problems related to useraccounts org packages.

Specially depending on accounts@1.x

This part is not hard to solve as we are planning to create compatible packages to unlock upgrades but you also said about old coffeescript and other problems, these problems can happen with any package that becomes unmaintained and we don’t have a solution for that.

That’s exactly my problem with these Meteor packages. There are some outdated ones that refer to the 3 above and hence I can’t update them. Switching to npm will help, I anyway can’t wait for us to switch to npm in general.

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As Filipe mentioned the issue is with super old packages that are no longer maintained and now they run against the wall of a major release. For most packages it is a simple fix to extend their accepted range to the 2.x range as they don’t depend on the API that has been broken. This obviously fails with packages that are no longer maintained.
As for the 3 you have mentioned babel-compiler and standard-minifier-js have been recently updated and they are integral for how Meteor works. Replacing them is not something that can be done without significant changes at Meteor’s core. babel-runtime is a bit different as it primarily provides compatibility for older browsers beyond what @babel/runtime offers. Though a revision might come in place next summer once IE is out of the picture.

As for actual packages that can be removed after a bit of work, I would suggest looking at @harry97’s work with:


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In my projects I mostly fixed the accounts issue by using @2.1.0! in .meteor/packages on them.

I know this is just a quick fix but who knows how long it will take me to get rid of these old dependencies.

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