Which one for mLab VS Compose?


Please advise for mLab VS Compose (Feature and Price).
I use DigitalOcean with Mup deploy.
But now I would like to break the Mongodb Hosting.


I used both Compose, Atlas and mLab. I had a better mLab experience compared to Compose. The price at mLab includes support and slow queries profiling tools and index suggestions are useful. mLab really worked with me a lot on several occasions to help identify performance issues. Compose will only help a bit during the first 30 days, then you are on your own.

from mlab

Angela (mLab Support)
Hi Max,
I really appreciate that you took the time to let us know. It’s also really awesome that you’ve been helping other users on Meteor’s forums make informed decisions.

The main thing that came to mind when I read your last response and your forum update is that MongoDB’s Atlas offering doesn’t include database support in their prices. For example, if you had a question about the best index for a query, you’d need to buy very expensive database support. Even worse, if there were an emergency with your application, you’d have to buy this expensive support to get any help.

mLab thinks of database support as something that expected of a database-as-a-service offering, not as an extra that you pay for separately. On our Dedicated plans you do get 24x7 emergency support (i.e., response within 10 minutes), but even on our Sandbox and Shared plans you would get pretty timely support as well.


We have used mLab and Compose both for our clients. We find mLab better. We have recently started using Atlas for one of our client. Can’t say much about Atlas as of now.


NodeChef MongoDB hosting combines the benefits of both mlab and compose at a reasonable price. Just another option to consider.


@maxhodges, Thanks for your reply.
But I am not clear about price.
We could create more then one database name on One Plane (mLab)
Ex: Plan


Heres a decent Feature Comparison, no pricing. You will have a hard time finding all the pricing differences without creating accounts and selecting your different setup configurations which will effect your pricing.


I would like to try mLab for the Shared Price.
But it don’t have Asia Region.


ScaleGrid is the only DBaaS that support MongoDB hosting on DigitalOcean. They’re also the only service that lets you keep full MongoDB admin access, SSH access to your machines, and a Startup Program for early-stage company discounts. Here’s a good comparison of the top MongoDB providers. - disclaimer, I work at ScaleGrid.