Which rich text editors are you using on your websites?


I’m looking for a nice text editor I can implement in my project.
It will be used to create longer blog posts (1-2 pages) on a website that I built with Meteor.

I know about ace (http://ace.c9.io/).
Do you have any other suggestions?


Quilljs works well. Using Redactor as well, though that one needs a commercial license.



Looks like you’ve forked and updated the Quill Meteor wrapper to Quill Editor v0.19.14 https://github.com/themeteorites/quilljs/

The original wrapper is here: https://github.com/jhartma/meteor-quill and is a wrapper for Quill Editor v0.19.8.

Is your wrapper package up to date? Are there any issues I should know about if I use your package?

Do you have example of using this package with Meteor? For example I would like to use it for a messaging screen. Also, how do you handle saving the text to Mongo? Is there anything special you need to do for, say bold and italics? Also, what about images, have you used this to save images?



Using it with no problem. For the proper package name you can always check
atmosphere. It tells you what to install:


i.e. meteor add themeteorites:quilljs

It seems like there is a 0.20.0 version out, but I wouldn’t want to upgrade
at the moment. You could try that yourself and if 0.20.0 works with no
problem then send a PR. Check out the changes that I’ve made in my fork to
see what needs to be done in order to pull in the new quilljs version!


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Quilljs seems pretty awesome!

I’ve used the WYSIHTML5-Package ( https://atmospherejs.com/mrt/bootstrap3-wysihtml5 ) for bootstrap 3. But I wouldn’t recommend it because the base-Library is not supported anymore and it relies on Bootstrap.


I created a new topic with for the Quill Editor question: Integrating the Quill Editor


I am using Summernote in my current project and I really like it. You can have a look at it if you want.

and you can integrate it in Meteor using summernote-standalone

Edited: added the atmospherejs link


@vioan, thanks for the tip on Summernote – looks good.


Been using https://www.froala.com/wysiwyg-editor in a project. Currently looking into either sticking with Froala or using something else for a new project.


Can’t get summernote to work reactively with MeteorJS. Looking for different solutions.


I have been using atom. https://atom.io It’s supposed to work well with meteor


Their inline editor looks good. Did you end up switching? If so, why?


Any simple rich text editors that play nice with react?
universe:react-markdown-wysiwyg looks good. I’m a little worried about security.


I’m now using CKEditor and the feedback from my clients has been very positive.

I move away from Quill because of persistent bugs and lack of functionality.


+1 for froala.

initial reason was mobile support, which is a big thing for my clients. after using it, i have to say it’s pretty awesome and very happy with it. have had experience with tinymce & ckeditor. found froala to have easier configuration, better designed, and modern. support is also very responsive.

it’s the ONLY non opensource software i use in my stack, for me making this decision was a huge deal. purchased a licence for a single client, used it, loved it, and bought a developer license. i do want to mention usage has been rather basic, nothing super advanced… yet.