Which router do you use with MeteorJS + ReactJS? And why?

I know there is a poll about that but I’d like to know the reason of your choice.


  • flow-router: You can use it with Blaze or React, very known in the Meteor community. There is a branch which supports SSR.

  • react-router: Currently the most used router in the React community

  • cerebral-router: A new router related to Cerebral, a “controller” client-side.

  • another one…


Currently my choice is cerebral-router mainly because it doesn’t dictate the view rapresentation it just allow to initialize an app state, so it’s very easy to recreate behaviors like Pinterest-style routing.

I’ve used Flow Router in two apps and react-router in another.

I really like the nesting aspect of react-router for some apps. I have a nested ui that changes depending on data and it’s ideal for that.

I want to migrate one of the flow-router apps but there’s a lot work to use react-routers anchor link component. Flow router also has better support for Redux.

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I use Iron Router. It worked. But I am not sure if there are something wrong in advance.

I use Flow Router because it makes routing and React go hand-in-hand.

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