Which router for a big project?

Hi guys. I will build a new meteor application. This application will be very big and I have to choose packages that must be mantainable for the next future.
I read that MDG is working to implement a router engine inside core. Meanwhile, iron router is uncommited and it has a lot of open issues and Flow router is relatively young.
Which solution do you suggest me?


personally i think iron:router is okay depending to your requirement. it also has a really nice Templating too.

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I am biased since I only did some preliminary testing between iron:router and flowrouter, but working with iron:router has been awesome. It solves a lot of my problems before I encounter them and there is a tremendous amount of support behind it as well. I am sure flow router works well too, but one of the things that made me choose iron router was that flow router is minimal and only a client side router (no creating rest endpoints in your server code) and doesn’t have templating. Flowrouter affords you a lot of flexibility, but in my case, the added assumptions made by iron router were the same decisions I would have had to build with flowrouter. That being said, @arunoda is incredible so anything that man touches should seriously be considered.

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Hope that helps :slight_smile: