Which test platform would be recommended for Meteor 1.6?

As Meteor 1.6 is based on node v8, which test platform would be recommended for it? Chimp might be not supporting node v8 yet?

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I love the client-side reporter of practicalmeteor:mocha it’s so simple and elegant, I can choose with a click which tests to run. But for CI I recommend you use: meteortesting:mocha (https://guide.meteor.com/testing.html#mocha)

In Meteor 1.6 to be able to run it use these package versions:


Thanks for the quick reply.

For end-to-end/acceptance test, what alternative would you suggest to replace chimp which is not supporting node v8.0 atm?

Have u looked at nightwatch or selenium?

Thanks. Just looked through it.

It seems like nightwatch is very similar to WebdriverIO which is we currently based on…