White content on black status bar @ iOS 9 – any success?

For a while I’ve been trying to do a thing which should be simple. It doesn’t seem to be, so I probably do something wrong or there is a bug. I’m able to change status bar color, but changing content color doesn’t seem to take any effect.

That’s why I’d like to know if there is anyone who has built an app for iOS 9 with black status bar and light content? If there is, it would be wonderful to know, how.

What type of app are you talking about?
A cordova app or just a regular webapp with status bar meta setup (link below) ??


I’m talking about Cordova app. I would like to change the status bar background and content color of an iOS 9 app which is built using Cordova/Meteor.

add https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-statusbar to your project

then in mobile-config.js

App.setPreference('StatusBarBackgroundColor', '#B4D455');

There are a few other options you can play with as well documented on that github link

Thanks! However, I’ve tried changing my mobile-config.js according to cordova-plugin-statusbar documentation.

The problem is that I can change the background color to black, but the content stays also black. And StatusBarStyle preference doesn’t take any effect at all. Any ideas, why?

If there are others facing the same problem, the problem might lie in the plugin itself, not in my tools or tool versions.

This is how the relevant rows look in my current mobile-config.js.

App.setPreference('StatusBarStyle', 'lightcontent'); App.setPreference('StatusBarBackgroundColor', '#2C53AE');

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