White Rabbit Express launches new Meteor app

White Rabbit Express, a Tokyo-based buying service for Japanese goods, recently put a new Meteor application in production. Home page here:


Congrats on launching.

thanks! We first starting running on Meteor, in production, back on Meteor version 0.6 in mid-2013. Back then, there was a lot of people asking if Meteor was safe for production, while others were saying it could not scale and was only good for small proof-of-concept apps. We just laughed because we were processing tens of thousands of orders on version 0.6.

We even hosted it for free on meteor.com for over a year–with 99.92% uptime!

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Cogratz on launch! Site looks great :slight_smile:

Definitely looks nice.

I can’t help but to wonder if you guys must be familiar with white rabbit candy?