White screen on android/ios device while using app ( React Native, @meteorrn/core )

We’ve been working on a react native app and we are dealing with a white screen issue , Previously we are using react-native-meteor-upgraded v1.4.1 due to which we are encountering a white screen very frequently on ios and sometimes on android , And then app goes to home screen of our app and sometimes it gets stuck on white screen so we have to force close the app.While facing this issue we’re getting ’ Connected to DDP server ’ and 'Disconnected from DDP server '. It appears like meteor is trying to connect to the server and sometimes it disconnects automatically.


Due to this issue we have recently upgraded the meteor library to " @meteorrn/core v2.3.0 " as this is managed more frequently and still we are getting the same white screen . But this time the white screen occurs for a very short time and then the user is navigated to the home screen.



We are facing a similar issue too. Right after the splash screen a white screen appears for fraction of a second before it goes to the menu screen of the app…But when we updated to the latest version of Meteor, right after the splash screen, the app gets stuck to the white screen just in IoS. Works fine on Android.

But in first place why does the white screen turn up? Have you gotten around this issue? Appreciate if you could throw some light please?