White screen on mobile apps using Angular2

Hello there !

I’m trying to run a meteor app with angular2.
However I get a white screen on my android device.
My apps are working in browsers.
My computer distrib is ArchLinux, my android version is Jelly bean.

I though it could be a problem with my own code, so I also tried with a very simple example (static template of this tutorial http://www.angular-meteor.com/tutorials/socially/angular2/static-template).

Every blaze and react apps I tried are working on my device.

Is anybody able to run its app on an android device ?

Thank you for reading, have a nice day. :smile:

Hello, I’m still looking for a solution.

I’m also having this problem


I’ve been following the tutorial for Angular2 and Meteor.

Something that helped me when I had this blank screen on my device was to enable debugging on the device and inspecting it from the chrome browser.

Remote Debugging:

Once you connect your device and have remote debugging enabled, you can go to

Then see if the console for the device tells you more about it.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: