Whitelist IP for Meteor Galaxy from Mongo Atlas

I am going to be using Mongo Atlas as my DB of choice for production, i feel it will be the best and grow fastest over time.
I can only connect to Atlas when I have whitelist the IP address of the backend server however.

Meteor only gives CNAME for DNS information, any IP range given that i can use to assist me with this?

Can’t see it in the docs anywhere and very surprise others haven’t asked.

thanks :smiley:

Good question. I think this is an appropriate one for Galaxy support. Perhaps they can set it up for you.

Can you post their answer here when you get one? Thanks!

See this thread:

TL;DR - you can poll Amazon to get the IP address (details in thread); might not be that helpful though if you can’t automatically/programmatically update your whitelist IP with Mongo Atlas …

@idsmatt you can do a couple of things. you can to an nslookup on galaxy.meteor.com:

 $ nslookup galaxy.meteor.com                                                                                       
Non-authoritative answer:
Name:	galaxy.meteor.com
Name:	galaxy.meteor.com
Name:	galaxy.meteor.com
Name:	galaxy.meteor.com

or you can just allow ALL ip’s by adding:

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i asked Galaxy support about connecting to Atlas, and they said:

In terms of whitelisting, Galaxy doesn’t provide static fixed IP addresses for application containers. Our recommendation would be to set for the whitelist, since the IP addresses may be changing, while emphasizing a strong password and SSL configuration on your MongoDB connection, for security purposes.

How did you manage to set the MONGO_URL to connect to Atlas?

Does Meteor support this format?
My app only connects to my local Db when I set this as the URL.

See my answer here:


Add these IP addresses to your whitelist:
For the us-east-1 cluster:,,,
For the eu-west-1 cluster:,,
If your software wants you to specify your whitelist as a list of CIDRs rather than a list of IP addresses, just add the three characters /32 to the end of each IP address.

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Doesn’t this only work if you have Galaxy Pro though which costs more? I don’t need the performance monitoring that comes with pro, but I do need ip whitelisting.

Can I still use these IP’s even if I am using galaxy essential and not pro?

This is the scariest part of using galaxy… that you run into some service/situation that needs an IP and can’t do a domain name… then you have to move elsewhere or shell out a pretty substantial jump in price for just the ability to point to an IP

Do you have any other recommendations for PAAS that is as worry free as galaxy? I would love a cheaper alternative, let me know.

I don’t have time to manage the servers and stuff, so I need PAAS.

Galaxy is as easy as it gets for meteor

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