Who add React object to the global scope?


Hi, my fiends!

In short:
npm - react@15.2.1
packages - no react package

What I do:
import React from 'react’

What I see:

Next step:
React.varsion + Enter in Chrome console

What I see:

Who add React object to my global scope???



Make sure there’s no react package in your versions file too


Maybe also try using Chrome’s developer tools resource search to see if you can find where it’s being defined. For example, here’s a quick screenshot showing how to use the resource search to find where the React global is being set for https://facebook.github.io/react/:


Great! Thanx for it. Ive never use that Search. Try to dig out whats going on.


Only webpack:react package is there in “packages” and accordingly in .versions.


As I noticed using chrome global sources search “15.1.0”, webpack only loads script with that export version. Why its happend, I dont now