Who can help , i am new here

Hello guys <
I am so happy to join this community , i am new in meteor, can some body help me , how i can start and from where , whats is the plan ,what i need to start, all what i know:
html , Css , and little java-script ,bootstrap.
thanks in advance


Start with the ToDo app:


Would you try this: https://learn-meteor.netlify.app/ ? After the JS section you can try a crash course on ES6 and get up to date with the syntax.

On Meteor you can build massive knowledge here: https://www.youtube.com/c/LevelUpTuts/playlists
Take React, JS courses from the net, you will find plenty. Have courage, patience and I think with Meteor you are in safe hands, it is easy to get from 0 to production.

In Meteor you have the create app commands. Create some apps and see what is inside, get used to the Meteor documentation. Check repos like VulcanJS or Rocket.Chat to see how a lot of things come together.

If you can finance it, try and get a Meteor mentor.


thank so much ,
but is necessary to start learn java-script before create my first app?

Yes, you will definitely need to learn javascript. What kind of apps are you interested in creating?

nothing really in my mind now , but maybe like an online store or news app also maybe a chat app , should also i know about react and vue and angular ?

You probably don’t need to build an online store, as there are really good ones available with a ton of development behind them, e.g. Shopify, Wix, etc.

A news app/chat app – whether you’d need to write a lot of javascript depends on what features you have in mind.

Yes, you will have to learn a front-end framework like Blaze, React, Vue, Svelte, etc. If you use Blaze you may have a lower learning curve, especially in terms of interaction between your front end and your database. I use React and Apollo/GraphQL, and the learning curve was pretty steep.

really , thank you ,
so first i need to learn java script , second step i need to learn react? react is better then other ? or what ? what is your advice to start ?

A lot of people think Vue and/or Svelte are better than React. There are many opinions about it.

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i take already my decision i will learn react and svelte ,
thank you dear

You’re very welcome. Notes:

  • You don’t have to learn both React and Svelte. They both do the same kind of thing.
  • In English we don’t say “dear” in that context. We might say “friend” or something like that. In English “dear” is reserved more for family members and things like that. :slight_smile:
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For people of Arabic heritage it is natural to say “dear” as a direct translation of “habibi”. Somehow I prefer “dear” to “man”, “buddy” or “dude”. But out of them all, my favorite is definitely ‘habibi’.


That is,
In the middle east region, we say that to anyone especially if we are work in the same company or the same community, or “habibi” that is normally for us.
anyway thank for your reply ,

Yes, I know the same thing, so do you think agile is enough for me? Because it is easier than react? But are you sure the end results for both are equally effective.
thank you my friend :+1:t2:

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React, Vue and Svelte all have strong supporters. I personally don’t have a preference because I’ve only used one of them. There’s a lot written about the differences – google for “react vs vue vs svelte” to see more info.

I read this article yesterday , when you read more about this subject , you will confused more, you are professional here , and i don’t have any information about these platforms , what is your advice , React or Svelte? :thinking: :thinking:

@ahmadgh Try both the tutorial for React and Svelte in this site https://webflow.meteor.com/developers/tutorials and see which one you feel right. I ended up using Svelte. You might end up picking the other. Good luck.


I will :ok_hand:t2: :ok_hand:t2: