Who manages r/meteor on Reddit?


I think there’s some bad moderation going on there… nearly all of my posts get taken down from there and I can’t imagine how many others. Most recently, the Mongol 2.0 announcement… which had a good sentiment/upvotes. Maybe MDG should take it over?


edit: “Maybe MDG should take it over?” That’s not how reddit works.


I noticed this too, Have you messaged the moderators?

Deleted posts should at least get a reason.

I also see no rules or guidelines for the sub that might explain it :frowning:


It’s possible the mods are a little over zealous with the no self-promotion community guidelines. Depending on the sub reddit, some will ban people for self promotion. Either way in this case I think it was probably just a misunderstanding, have you tried pming the mods to see why they removed your submissions?


They’ve mentioned no self promotion for a post relating to Meteor Toys once before… which I didn’t think was really fair. They haven’t responded to all of my inquiries either. In the case of Mongol, I think it was absurd because a lot of people promote their packages. The right thing for them to do would be to pass that sub-reddit to MDG.


As unfair as it is unfortunately there is not much you can do other than appeal to the mods. It is entirely up to the creator of the sub reddit. Though if you have a real problem you can always create a new sub reddit. Also I am sure that MDG do not have the spare time or man power to moderate a sub reddit.


Reddit is down the toilet. It has the numbers and will reach eyes - but that’s what twitter is for. Feel free to post your stuff on our Snapzu tribe:


We could use the content. The benefit of Snapzu is that you can crosspost to different tribes with the same post.

For example:


There’s always the famed reddit replacement voat, which is far from as big yet, but might grow.


Piggy backing off this thread, since MDG has long abandoned IRC as an official comms channel. It would be awesome if some of the more active community members who are there could be given ops.

E.g @pchoo @yauh @ciwolsey @lampe @zimme @brwn


I think this would warrant a new thread.


You can’t prove it! I’ll deny it up and down!


@sashko @dbarrett Yes we are left with no ops on IRC.