Who would pay REAL MONEY for a great testing tutorial?

Hi guys,

first of all: I am NO testing expert, but I am searching for a testing-expert to teach me how to test my code!
I’d love to have a premium tutorial with all the bundled information I need and I’d love to pay for it.

So this topic is my attempt to motivate the testing-experts in this community to bring out their teaching-product.
Earning money can be a good motivator, right? :wink:

I hierby state that I’d be willing to pay up to 100 $ for a great & detailed step-by-step learning-instruction on how to fully test my meteor app. My favourite way of learning are screencasts - so a video instruction with an ebook would make a perfect fit.

Is there any one else feeling like this?
How much money would you be willing to spend on learning this premium knowledge? :slightly_smiling:


I’m not against paying for good learning material. I have tons of books from Leanpub, Pragmatic Programmer, Manning etc. However, I don’t think we’ll see any material on Meteor testing until Meteor 1.3 is released.


Because any material written for Meteor 1.2 today, will instantly break and be useless when Meteor 1.3 lands.

The jump from Meteor 1.2 to 1.3 is large, and I think it should actually be given 2.0 status since it’s so fundamentally different. I mean, in terms of how MDG is going to recommend we build apps.

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@sergiotapia nailed it, and the good news is that when 1.3 launches (rumoured to be this month) you’ll be able to save your money. The Guide will be updated with a new Testing section (and fully tested sample app).

For more info see: A first implementation of Meteor app testing for 1.3

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have you checked this?


his author, @sam is also active on this forum

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I would very much like to read a 1.3 version of that. I’m sure the guide will be excellent too, but the more examples the better.

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I will be updating the book for 1.3 as soon as it is released and becomes stable.

I have been writing this book for over a year now and I can honestly say that Meteor apps are not easily testable yet. I’ve also seen the techniques I used becoming obsolete with new versions of Meteor.

sashko, avital and tmeasday are all working on testing and I couldn’t be any happier about that. @sanjo and I are watching closely and offering help where we can.

I’m also watching the Meteor guide closely as I want to ensure I complement it in the book.

In the meantime, can I suggest you watch this repository:

There are examples and some advice in there. @sanjo and I are using this app to show how we are currently doing testing with Meteor. There are branches for 1.3 and experiments for using things like Jest.

My book will also help you as it begins at the very basics and fundamentals of testing in general. The practical sections will get more beneficial when 1.3 is released.

You might also want to check Mantra from @arunoda, which has examples of unit testing with 1.3

Hope that helps


+1 for https://github.com/xolvio/automated-testing-best-practices

It is a great resource and is helping our Meteor teams get going on testing techniques that I feel will be around and supported for a while. :slight_smile:

The problem isn’t the money, the problem is that the constant changing ‘state of testing’ makes this a non-desirable thing to work on. I actually have a video course that was done in August and is already WAY out of date…


semver specifies that major version bumps are due to changes that aren’t backwards compatible. MDG has put a lot of effort into making sure 1.2 apps run with 1.3, if you don’t want to use modules you can still do everything with globals. I think they deserve major props in that regard

on the topic, I’m still waiting on the final Testing Manual

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We hired Sam as a testing consulting. Money well spent.