Who'd like to make an open-source Live Support Chat and Ticketing system?


Wanted to make a live support system like Kayako, LivePeople, Ozark, etc. in Meteor? Operators, Campaigns, Departments, Marketing, etc. and fully brandable. I would like to also produce two apps from this for Operators to use from phone and for end users to download and search FAQs, Tickets and chat with team.


That’s something I’d definitely use. I’ve been thinking about making one myself but it would be way too time consuming to do on my own in the spare time.


I also came to such a wish from time to time. We are hosting redmine instances since 4 yrs ( http://www.redmine.org ) for customers and made a number of improvements to that apps. But always when looking on the needed feature set for new solution … timeline is getting too long.


Been on my mind too for quite some time now.
I have some ideas to share on this too.


Honestly I kind of love redmine…


What features to redmine have and then reproduce…


I think reproducing the features redmine has would be a massive undertaking. It has too many and a lot of plugins that make it possible to customize it for your needs


Yes, that’s (“so many features”) why we followed up all the years with this existing redmine app and did not started a new one. At least the interface is not “up to date” anymore and there is no “smooth mobile app”.

I thought about developing a mobile / lightweight (featured) frontend app with meteor and using redmine as the backend engine.

That might be a sense-full approach. It would be possible to sync some tables to meteor collections to get fast response to your clients. There is also a rich REST API to get in touch with redmine data.


This would be amazing, and also you could add an extra package to add the system to existing Meteor apps.


I’m not looking for something as heavy weight but I haven’t seen anything
(even redmine) that really does everything. This would be a project I need
for personal use but I believe everyone could benefit and would be nice to
get help, even on the core functionality. If you want to help message me
via the forum or reply here…

Demo: http://edialogue.meteor.com (Admin / apple1)
Github: http://github.com/alisalaah/livesupport