Why a "deugOnly" package cannot register a build plugin?

I am just wondering if there’s a good reason to have that constraint or is it an arbitrary decision?

Example use-case

Let’s assume I want a tool that injects fixtures to my development database. I would like to have some files in which I describes those fixtures, e.g.


possibly in some custom “language”. It seems like a good idea to have a debugOnly package that consumes those files and produces Javascript code that will be responsible for altering the database if it’s necessary. Of course I don’t want that package to include anything in the production build.

Does it sound reasonable?

It seems to me that this is not possible to achieve this at the moment because if I set debugOnly flag to my package the meteor build complains about not being able to register build plugin.

A related but not equivalent question:

Is there a way to alter the behavior of a build plugin based on the type of build, i.e. production vs. “debug”?

Looks like I’ve found the answer here: