Why are people packaging up React components for Meteor instead of just using npm?

I haven’t used React with Meteor yetyet, but from what I understand you can add React components with npm. So why am I seeing new React packaged components on Atmosphere each day? React swipable is the latest package I’ve seen added

You cannot use npm on the client with vanilla Meteor. You must use webpack or browserify.

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Ok. So using browserify…

Yeah, these are only wrappers on Npm packages which is not nice :confused: but for now it is simpler to add Meteor package which is Npm wrapper than to do it by yourself, so I understand that this is why there are so many Npm wrappers. We need clear and simple Npm support in Meteor core which I hope appears sooner than later :wink:

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But it’s really not that difficult to add an npm package (for the server)
and it doesn’t seem to difficult for the client either.

For server you add the npm package and list the packages you need in the
new packages.json file.

That one extra step is the reason we’re seeing all these repackaged

It will be always simpler to add Meteor package :wink: but you are right, it could be done in the app, but you need to use meteorhacks:npm with cosmos:browserify etc. For some people it could be complicated and not quite understood. And with Meteor package you get it all. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Meteor wrapper packages on Atmosphere, but for now I think there isn’t any other fast and simple way to have reusable package without any aditional work every time you need to use it.

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