Why are we focusing on modding every frontend framework to make it work with Meteor instead of focusing on a universal light Meteor client like Asteroid


There are a lot of efforts made to make other frontend frameworks fit with Meteor and they never work as the original or never have all the functionalities.
I don’t see why we don’t instead focus on having a good Meteor client that is pluggable in those frameworks, like Asteroid.
Asteroid seems to be the ideal solution if we want to use Meteor with other frontend frameworks, I think the community should focus on that instead of trying to mod and tweak every framework out there.

Those other frameworks have their standards, their tutorial, their community, so we should follow their rules instead of creating ours and creating our meteor replica.

And last thing, those frameworks all work with REST Apis and classic websocket backends, if we want to consider Meteor and its DDP protocol as a standard, we should give everyone the possibility to connect and use a Meteor backend without forcing them to use the full stack. So in the future, those front end frameworks will be compatible with REST APIs and also DDP Apis.

Thanks for reading.


Asteroid may turn out to be useful for React Native, and possibly also dividing my administration requirements (Meteor Admin or Flow DB Admin which comes with a router and bootstrap) from my front end requirements (which might use a different router and css framework).