Why can jQuery use JSONP to get around CORS, but Meteor can't?

It seems a bit inefficient for Meteor to have to make a call to the server, just to access a REST API, whereas jQuery or Angular can use JSONP to simply make calls from the client. Why is that? Is there some way to do this without using the Meteor server?

I’m not sure if this answers your question, but you can make HTTP requests directly from the client using the http package:


You can, but if the API endpoint comes back with a cross-origin error, then typically (depending on the endpoint) you can use JSONP. But Meteor doesn’t appear to support JSONP, so you have to make a Meteor method call which seems like overkill to me. Why can something as simple as jQuery do this but Meteor can’t??

Meteor bundles jQuery, so if jQuery suits your needs then you can just use it, right?

Yeah, I suppose I could do that. I’m just wondering why the Meteor HTTP package doesn’t have JSONP support. I try to actually avoid jQuery unless I absolutely need it.

I can understand avoiding jQuery in order to get around adding a dependency, but what is the point of avoiding jQuery when it’s already there?