Why can't I see my collections anymore in the console (chrome) in meteor 1.3

Hi all,

What happened to our chrome console window, I could execute commands in the past.like they do in this manual

thank you

Its because when you’re using 1.3, your files are not added to the global scope if your code is inside imports folder.
If you want this behaviour, you should create your collections outside the imports folder like lib/collection.js or add your collections to the global scope manually.

Example client/lib/globals.js:

import QRSConfig from '/imports/api/QRSConfig.js'

// Add to the global scope
window.QRSConfig = QRSCOnfig

Is that clear?


ah, thank you very much. Yeah that is clear. I must say I like that we can use npm packages now, but I am not a fan of all the imports (yet).

I also have read here somewhere that you can import your collections once, and that all the templates then have access to them. But somehow in my code, when I remove the collection import it won’'t work anymore?