Why dfischer:phantomjs keeps on loading with Meteor


Hi ,
I have been struggling for a week trying to solve this problem ,
everything was going fine with me until i updated meteor to the latest version … even the deployment process was going smoothly with mup as well
What i am facing now is that the dfischer:phantomjs is no longer responding
( Loading dfischer:phantomjs@1.0.4… /) stays forever
Please your advice is highly appreciated


Hi mokaid,
did you find a fix for this? I have the same problem. Could load dfischer:phantomjs@1.0.4 for several weeks.
Can’t find any information about it.
Did you go with installing phantomjs-prebuild via npm?

@dfischer : Do you have any advice or idea how to fix this?

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As nobody is answering this, I will answer this myself if anybody will be looking for a solution for this problem:

For me it worked out to install phantomjs-prebuilt via meteor npm. So no need for the dfischer package anymore.


@stonjarks can you please describe more details please as I also install phantomjs-prebuild via meteor npm but the package pointing to dfisher package. so how to point meteor to used phantomjs-prebuild instead of dfisher package?

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Thanks @stonjarks for your reply. Has anyone found a standard solution to this issue or a cause?