Why do Meteor projects fail?

Checking the Meteor showcase page (https://www.meteor.com/showcase) I see that many sites are not available, or they have been in maintenance for ages, or they simply do not load. And these are supposed to be the list of highlightes projects.
Is there any statistics or way of tracking why such projects have failed? Will this show case be updated anytime?


The only problem here is that the Meteor frontpage hasn’t been updated in ages. That’s apparently going to change in the near future.


@filipenevola Hey ! this task of cleaning up things on showcase page is for you man :wink:


You can check such informations in websites like BuiltWith, I think they look for signals like some global variables in pages js code. I don’t know if it’s 100% accurate.

A search with Meteor :

What’s funny, most of them are subdomains that are used to deploy the famous RocketChat project which is built with Meteor


https://www.leveluptutorials.com/ Is built with Meteor and we’re still going strong.


Thing is, most projects built of any language or framework are abandoned within a few years, so it is probably just a matter of updating it to reflect the now living projects. We are still building on Meteor, and launching our third simulation game product on our platform this year. We are very happy with how Meteor is holding up, and not planning to replace it any time soon.

(landing page is not in meteor though)


Im sure it has nothhing to do with meteor


I think the general concepts from Project Management apply here too. Meteor projects fail for the exact same reason any other project fails: time, resources, scope.


Hi, we are working in a new website for Meteor then it should be updated soon and all the links should be working.

Why do businesses fail? is probably a better question and the answer is not easy but business is hard and internet businesses are in some ways even harder then I don’t think it would be easy to understand why some Meteor based companies are not running anymore.

And I would like to mention a few Meteor projects that I have been involved somehow recently:

  • Pathable: Apps That Transform Events 100% based on Meteor producing web and mobile app for many clients and events around the World https://pathable.com/
  • Bemarke: Brazilian market-place for small and medium businesses to sell their products for local consumers online https://www.bemarke.com/
  • Galaxy: I don’t know if you know that but Galaxy (Meteor Hosting) is a Meteor app https://galaxy.meteor.com/ :wink:

Weren’t planning to move off Meteor? Is that still a possibility?

@filipenevola how is possible to report new projects included in the showcase? and what kind of contents do you want in addition to a working demo url?

About above problem I think that a way to solving the problem is to distribute in open source on github the code of the showcase website, so that the projects maintainers can take care of updating the information of the projects and you can add new project with a simple Merge


I have both my Next version and Meteor versions running simultaneously. With the new Meteor roadmap and Tiny acquisition, I’ve decided to stay on Meteor.


Meteor thanks to his fast setup time is often use to build high fidelity MVP (minimum viable product), to validate product/market fit. MVP is throwable by definition, if it doesn’t work you pivot… or stop.
I’ve tested many ideas with Meteor based demo, only two are still alive but many more are coming…


Absolutely. Meteor is just awesome for this. I’m not aware of any framework that can do the same stuff in the same amount of time. All the others I’ve tried are too limited.