Why does findOne({id:1}) work and findOne({id:"abc"}) doesn't?

Everything’s set up and working with Blaze.

Literally, the only difference is the db query; first one is fine and second returns undefined.

Both queries work fine with ‘meteor mongo’. But in Meteor JS, querying on an int returns an object to the template, querying on a string does not. I’ve tried {id:/abc/g} and it doesn’t help.

Please help if you can, I am at my wits’ end with Meteor. The premise is attractive, but it seems the Slashdot ads promised more maturity and fewer bugs than what the framework currently has.

Can you share some of your code showing the issue?

Try findOne({_id:"abc"}) and if that doesn’t work then the document you’re querying doesn’t exist. It could also be that you have removed autopublish and aren’t publishing the document you are trying to query to the client side.

There are a lot of things that could cause this issue and you not providing any code isn’t helpful.