Why does the Meteor installer ALWAYS reference 2.16.3?!

Guys I think the installer is like busted, or needs updating…

How do you get the 2.16.3? The latest recommended release is 2.16.

Sorry youre right 2.16… but man trying to upgrade to 3.0-rc-4 and I cannot!

The installer will only install 2.16.

So, Anyway I had to build Metoer from source – skipping the installer. What a nightmare tho.

Clone the specified Meteor release from GitHub

RUN git clone --branch release/METEOR@3.0-rc.4 GitHub - meteor/meteor: Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform /meteor

Navigate to the Meteor directory and build it

RUN cd /meteor &&
./scripts/generate-dev-bundle.sh &&

Just will share my Dockerfile for anyone in the future

What command are you using?

Here is the recommended way to upgrade to non-release versions:

meteor update --release 3.0-rc.4

The installer will install the recent release version by default, which is version 2.16

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Doesn’t work. Installs 2.16.

Point in case… there are hard-coded values in the installer.

Meteor 3.0 has NOT been released, yet. It is still in RC (release candidate) version

Still – I can’t use the installer for 2.8.1 if I wanted…

I’m just showing you there are infact hard coded values in the installer!

I think it just defaults to the latest recommended release if it is a value that it does not recognize.

You only install Meteor once, you don’t need to re-install the installer to get update or create a new app. That is what the Meteor command with the --release flag is for.

Any reason why you need the installer with a release candidate?

Last time I installed Meteor was… 1.8. If I’m upgrading, I wanna be latest and greatest.

I am building a custom docker image, so infact I do need to install Meteor into that image.

I’m tellin ya man, I tried both npm install and the custom .sh installer, and I was unable to select a Meteor version to install. Always wanted 2.16.

Which OS are you on, and which OS do you intend to use for the docker image? @SkyRooms

The installation works fine for me:

I need to more info to work with that, it seems to be hardcoded because it’s the latest official and all as everyone says.

Thanks m8!

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