Why doesn't meteor automatically install all needed node packages?


Before Meteor 1.3, when you modified /.meteor/packages, meteor would automatically download the required packages, recompile and reload. The only thing that needed to be done manually was meteor update whenever a new version of Meteor was out which is reasonable - there can be breaking changes in the update.

With Meteor 1.3, meteor knows what packages are required and even gives you suggestions

Unable to resolve some modules:

  "xlsjs" in /Users/Shared/Code/XXX/server/main.js (os.osx.x86_64)
If you notice problems related to these missing modules, consider running:
  meteor npm install --save xlsjs

But doesn’t download them automatically when there is a change in the code. Instead it keeps looping with that error message. You have to Control-C the application, run meteor npm install and then again meteor

Why ?

I liked the old style auto-updates. Is there any way (workaround) to get back to the old behavior which was “I change my code and Meteor does everything else for me” ?


A feature request for this was opened here:

Add in any comments, suggestions, feedback, etc.