Why doesn't Meteor support Windows Phone?

I know that in the US market Android and iOS dominate, but many of our European customers are predominately using Windows Phone. We are a large telecommunications corporation and are seriously considering using Meteor, however this lack of a Windows Phone SDK could be a deal breaker. So is Windows Phone ever going to be supported in Meteor–if so, when?–or is it never going to happen.

So long as Cordova supports it, I’m sure we’d be willing to take a PR. @martijnwalraven

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Cordova supports it, so the main issue holding us back is that we would have to rewrite our file serving and hot code push plugin for Windows. There might a way to do without it if we drop hot code push and accept differences in behavior when serving from a file:// URL however.

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If anyone from Microsoft is lurking here (You know who you are) and want to sponsor some work to enable what Gartner describes a “Cool Vendor”'s platform to work on your flagship mobile operating system now would be a great time to mention it!

And if i’m being too subtle, I’d be happy to work on it :wink:

Floyd Price
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I checked Cordova’s website, and it looks like WP8 and 8.1 are supported, however the Embedded WebView is not included in the chart https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/guide/support/index.html

Just want to make sure that this won’t present any issues.

Other than that, if you wonderful folks over at Meteor could help facilitate the addition of WP to the supported mobile devices I believe I could make a strong enough case for my company to consider going with Meteor. Personally I have been playing around with it and see the benefits of a “device-independent” software.

I think that Floyd Price is on the right track with getting Microsoft involved, after all, if more “Cool Vendors” start having support for WP it would only help them get traction. Surely there are other global companies that would follow suit in using Meteor if it would work for their European WP users.

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I work at Microsoft Research and would be interested in greasing some gears to get Galaxy supported on the Azure cloud as well as AWS (lots of potential users there). Would there be a good point person at Meteor to contact for this?


Please PM me and we can share ideas!

Why, because Windows phone is either dying or already dead.

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I believe Microsoft will shift to enterprise phones. That’s where continuum could truly shine. As pointed out, the consumer market is probably lost to Apple and Google.

The problem is that a lot of our European companies use Windows Phone and it is part of my software requirements to have WP support in our project.

Understood, I was being a bit facetious. I don’t think MDG should use internal resources to support Windows Phone as it just does not have the market share. However, getting a 3rd party (Microsoft?) to build support makes sense.

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I’m sure I’ve read Windows phone has a big, and growing, presence in African countries and in India too, although I can’t find any references to support that now.

I found an article that shows the Q4 2015 market shares for phones, and WP is down to a mere 1.1% with 4400 units: http://www.winbeta.org/news/windows-phones-global-market-share-sits-1-1-smartphone-industry-slows

Almost insignificant. I will see if I can find a way around the WP requirement in the software requirements. Maybe we can just have our WP users access the app via their browser.

Isn’t there some tool from Microsoft for wrapping websites in Windows apps? Maybe that could work?

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That’s a good point, I’m sure they have a WebView equivalent in their native app. Definitely a good suggestion!

I meant this:


“Learn how to quickly create a Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10 starting with just a website URL”