Why HMR reloads html page while server code only refresh?


I wonder what is the use case of reloading the whole page, when server only code has changed ?
Would it be possible to only reload server code instead ?

Because the client page might be dependent on the changes from the server

Hmm, sure ?
Clientside is dependent of datas, but there is publications for that, ain’t it ?
If one uses methods, since its not automatically synced, it’d be normal to refresh the page, manually I think.

You already answered your own question.

Not really. I meant that building a page from datas coming from methods seems to be less used than from publications.

BTW, thanks for your point of view.

That depends on the app being built.

Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of a framework such meteor ?
Strange enough…

Nothing strange at the meteor.com homepage

I don’t think the client should refresh unless you’ve some dependency on files from the server such as importing files that contain methods etc.

I’ve had a similar issue with HMR refreshing: HMR + React fails when new import added · Issue #11324 · meteor/meteor · GitHub