Why http://info.meteor.com/ does not use Meteor?

There was a meteor.com website update some days ago and I’ve noticed that now blog is accessible by new url: http://info.meteor.com/blog and is not written in Meteor anymore. I wonder why Meteor website refused of using Meteor?

For your URL I’m getting to the main site of Meteor.com. This one works for me for the blog and is probably the one you’re referring to: http://info.meteor.com/blog
I do not have any answers to your question, though I would generally say that Meteor is not the best solution for every use case on the web, and a static blog site might be in the latter group.

Thanks for your notice about url. My fault.
Yes, Meteor is not a perfect solution for all kind of tasks. But previous version of blog was written in Meteor and was pretty good.

I know it’s easy to forget sometimes because of their tremendous open source contributions, but Meteor is a company that will eventually need to start making some money. They’ve cut their blog over to use http://www.hubspot.com/, no doubt as a small step towards their planned marketing goals.