Why I must have to use meteor?

Hello to all . I ’ m programer for 15 years. I’m Developer in Java for backend and html , xls and xml for frontend . I have a lot of code in Java , access to database , generate XML, etc , this works fine , but i have a big problem in the frontend , is very dificult uncouple this layer . I think in rewrite my application in other language, but I have a lot of code in java, I thought in struct2 . Today all people are speaking About Node.js and Its framewooks ( express, sails , meteor etc ) but i 'm not sure if this work to migrate to this tecnology It’s necessary. its a lot of work. In my case, what do you do? and do you think that I must migrate my aplication to meteor? i’m very confused. I want to learn new programer tecnology. Regards

You can provide some API - REST or something like that for various functions on your app.
And than accessing it from Meteor, slowly migrating stuff.
Sort of how Wordpress is doing, they have PHP core, provided WP-API to reach this remotelly.
And now you can have frontends for example in Node.js which can easily request data from that PHP instance.