Why I need to stop subscribe?


I am learning angular-meteor.com tutorial and I stuck with [search-sort-pagination][1] lesson.
in “Stopping a subscription” topic

Why I have to use


only on partyDetails.ng.js. Why I don’t have to put it on partiesList.ng.js?
I seems we are calling a different subscription on the same collection inside both partyDetails controller and partiesList controller.

So, Why I need to stop subscribe? How does it happen?
It seems the tutorial is not explain the detail enough.
Please explain how


is actually works?
[1]: http://angular-meteor.com/tutorials/angular1/search-sort-pagination-and-reactive-vars

Please try to read the articles linked in the bottom of the tutorial.
They are very important to understand the bigger picture.
Let me know if that helped.

Thank you,sir. I would do it right away.