Why in tarnation is my Meteor project folder so humongous?


I saved my Meteor project’s folder to SkyDrive; it took “forever” to upload; the size of the folder is 106.99 MB. This is a nascent project wich doesn’t have many files, and they are not large; there is only one image (just a favicon). Why so huge?


It’s the database you also uploaded :slight_smile: Mongo preoccopies a chunk of diskspace from the get go for reasons of speed.


Where is it located? Is it hidden? I see no large (huMONGOus) file.


You’ll find it in .meteor/local/db


You shouldn’t upload the local folder.

There’s a reason it has a local gitignore excluding it :smile:


There’s got to be a better way, but for now I will:

Copy the folder to another location
Remove the .meteor folder
Upload what remains as a “poor-man’s backup” to Skydrive


Sure, the better way is to unfortunately not use SkyDrive.

I’d suggest getting into some form of Version Control. When combined with a 3rd party(Github,Bitbucket etc) you also get a free backup.