Why is angular needed in meteor


any special cases?
becoz i dont see any need to use angular with meteor, any advantages

becoz meteor itself has all the things it requires for a single page app


It’s a matter of taste. Why drive a BMW when you can drive an Audi? Because you like BMW and you’re used to their cars.

Giving devs the choice of what frontend library/framework they want to use makes more people come to Meteor


matter of attraction. blaze fine but angular fine too. this will attract attention at angular community.


If one’s taste leans not only towards Angular but also away from Mongo, what remains in Meteor that is worth keeping? Is it DDP or pherhaps it’s “reactivity” or I have whole lot more reading to do? :wink:


so basically you all mean to say its of no use, if you dont use it its ok, becoz meteor comes configured with nice things


Are you trolling or did you not just try Meteor before arguing here?

Meteor now support three front end libraries as first class citizens; Blaze (https://www.meteor.com/tutorials/blaze/creating-an-app), Angular (https://www.meteor.com/tutorials/angular/creating-an-app) and React (http://react-in-meteor.readthedocs.org/en/latest/). Pick whichever you want.

MongoDB is the only officially supported database, yes, but there are community packages for MySQL, PostgreSQL, RethingDB etc.

Other than being just a frontend and a database? Yeah, it does a bit more I guess. DDP and reactivity is a big part of that.


Well, the fact that it binds frontend to backend and creates a fullstack single code repo weighs heavier than reactivity in my book.
Hot code reload and saving client state upon reload is a big plus.
Publications/Subscriptions. Not for reactivity but for data filtering and a client side DB for speed.
Of course DDP and methods. Dependency and reactive vars. All connected to reactivity of course.

There’s a lot more to Meteor than just the magic reactivity. :wink:

I do want to re-propose a question no-one has answered yet, and that I’m curious of. Are there cases Angular would be preferable to Blaze? Regardless of taste. Is there anything Angular does that Blaze can not do?


Not really but since angular uses view models (controllers) the code tends to be smaller and simpler than with Blaze.


I’ve toyed with Angular on a couple of projects and I found that the code got rather messy. I’ll admit a lot of it was AJAX calls to the backend and I was new to Angular, but I feel using native Meteor/Blaze is far more readable!


I can’t comment on what you were doing (since I don’t know), but if you take any random screen and build it with both Angular and Blaze, the Angular one will tend to have less and simpler code.

And of course I have to give the usual disclaimers: “this won’t apply absolutely 100% of the time” and “you can make a spaghetti code anywhere”.

btw, even Angular is bloated for my taste. That’s why I use ViewModel.


I’m also in the “Angular = meh” camp. Tried to dive into it a couple times, just wasn’t feeling it. And some things I found overly complicated and messy. As far as Javascript frameworks, Backbone didn’t impress me. Angular didn’t impress me. Meteor was the first one where I thought to myself, “Now this is how it should be!” and I felt like I could focus a lot more on building something rather than the syntax and other details that get in the way. :wink:


I get why someone who is used to developing with Angular might want to continue using it as opposed to learning a new (similar) framework and/or templating language, but I can’t see any benefits at all from using Angular with Meteor. It just seems like a lot of unnecessary addtional work with little to no benefit, typing all those ng-directive tags all over the place.

I guess I just like the way Meteor works without having to define a bunch of custom elements.


thats what i was thinking, just wanted to know if there r some benefits using it


I haven’t used it much at all, but it would be useful if you wanted to build a strictly client-side, single-page style app. It’s definitely much easier to get productive with than Ember, in my experience. The Ember docs were confusing and (seemingly) incomplete.

Angular is the current most popular front-end framework (from what I’ve read) for a reason - it is effective and has some cool features.

I just can’t see using it personally because Meteor seems to do everything Angular can, plus it works on the server and can produce a server-side API, and (IMHO, so far) is easier to learn because there’s no custom HTML elements/attributes to learn. Overall, it just seems more complex to me than the Meteor API does. That’s just my personal opinion.


Angular is unnecessary for Meteor. Blaze includes data-binding like Angular.

Angular and Angular 2 are big different from each other.

Unfortunately Blaze is not faster than Angualr 2 which need to be optimized.

Meteor need to promote Blaze more since it is consistence to be a template based solution.


Not quite, which is why @manuel made the viewmodel package. Angular’s data-binding behaves quite differently than Blaze’s.


I also think that the main case for using Angular with Meteor is, when you come from Angular and start to use Meteor as the back end part to your Angular app. Angular has also a big eco system of packages that you can use. That said, most of the things that Angular offers can also be found as Meteor packages.

So strategy wise the support for Angular and React in the Meteor platform opens Meteor to the big communities of React and Angular. This can have a significant impact of the growth rate of the Meteor community if Meteor gets adopted in those communities.

Fun fact: I also used Angular one year before I started to use Meteor :wink:


And there are interesting developments to use neo4j as graph database as well: https://medium.com/@SamCorcos/connecting-meteor-to-a-neo4j-database-and-deploying-with-graphenedb-3321966c3102


Maybe another possible answer: http://angular-meteor.com/manifesto


Do the packages in atmosphere work with angular too ? e.g. aldeed:autoform?