Why is Cordova much slower than Chrome for android?


The performance of my Meteor app is perfect in Chrome for android, however when compiling it into a store-ready apk it loses much of its snappy-ness and responsivess. How come Cordova is slower even without plugins? What can we do to optimize it?

Startup time is 7 seconds currently, but it loads in 2 seconds on a cached webbrowser.


Have you tried using the crosswalk plugin? It pre-bundles are better webview built in with your app on android.

meteor add crosswalk


It adds too much overhead and still not as fast as the browser. Also some css just doesn’t work on it like position: sticky.


At least for my app, Cordova is a huge performance boost, especially on older devices. That’s the main reason why I am still using it.

The reason why standard Cordova is slower than Chrome on your device might be related to your manufacturer shipping a home-grown browser with it. Some devices use this browser as the default web-view instead of relying on Chrome.


In that scenario, is crosswalk always the better option for performance?