Why is documentation on Cucumber so lacking?

I was trying to look up details on tags such as @focus (since I don’t really understand what it does). But strangely, Cucumber’s official documentation doesn’t mention it. It doesn’t even mention @dev.

I’m trying to learn more about BDD and TDD, but having trouble finding resources geared towards Meteor. Cucumber’s documentation is rather limited, and the Meteor Testing Manual (which has been helpful) is not yet complete.

I’d love to hear any suggestions!

The documentation for xolvio:cucumber is at https://chimp.readme.io/docs. xolvio:cucumber uses chimp internally. chimp uses CucumberJS and WebdriverIO. If you miss something, just ask in the chat.

If you want to learn more about BDD, you can check out theses books:

@focus is the same as @dev. It tells xolvio:cucumber which specs should be executed. When you develop on a spec, you can tag this spec with @focus, to speed up the test running.

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Aha, thanks! This is really helpful. So basically, using @focus will only run that specific test so that 200 tests aren’t running every time you update your code. And once you’re ready to deploy, meteor --test will run all tests.