Why is $meteor.call deprecated in Angular-Meteor 1.3?

The only thing I can find is, in the api doc and release notes:

Working with callback gives you the ability to close the subscription before it’s prepared, which you can’t do right now with the current Promise API. Also, if promise is a good idea, we should add it to Meteor and not just Angular Meteor.

What subscription is being referred to here? Some invisible one I don’t know about?

It’s really good to know that Meteor has the best possible design, and therefore any non-Meteor-inspired features that, for instance, make it easy to write idiomatic Angular code will not be supported in the future, since they are necessarily less than optimal.

Note that the next version will introduce this.call: https://github.com/Urigo/angular-meteor/issues/1116
Because currently you have to start the digest loop yourself if you use Meteor.call.

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