Why is meteor re downloading cordova plugin at every build?

HI, i’m developing a meteor cordova app. I have added some cordova plugin using: meteor add cordova:plugin_name@http://githubplugin.example.com#137283613 .
Every time i build my app using: meteor run ios-device all the plugin are re downloaded… why? is possible to cache plugin in meteor?


Cordova only caches plugins it downloads from NPM, not the ones it downloads from Git. So unless you absolutely have to use an unreleased version of the plugin, try to stick to adding a plugin using just name@version.

Where i can find plugin version? i’m using this command for install fb plugin: meteor add cordova:phonegap-facebook-plugin@https://github.com/Wizcorp/phonegap-facebook-plugin.git#544cc06b0968b3

where i cand find plugin version? Thankyou

Looking at its NPM page, it seems 0.12.0 is the latest published version. But there is a warning in the README which suggests installation from NPM might not work due to a problem with symlinks.