Why is there no Cordova native Google login package?

I’m using a package for Facebook native login integration (https://github.com/particles4dev-team/meteor-accounts-facebook-cordova).

Looked everywhere but can’t find a Google login equivalent. Why was no one has developed it?

Anybody seen an easy way of doing it I’ve overlooked?

I’m in big fan of standing on the shoulders of giants… or just slightly lazy :smile:


Its been a a while since I set it up but I used this plugin for Google oauth:


Worked like a charm. Can’t remember how long the token remains valid but I rarely have to re-authenticate

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Hi, looks good, but how do I plug it into Meteor’s Accounts?

The FB one I used you could just swap out the package and play.

Hmm, that’s a good question! :smiley:
I used it in a Cordova-only app. I wonder if it’s just a matter looking at the Google accounts package and modifying the success callback of the Cordova plugin to mimic the package for Meteor login…I’ll have to see if I can play around with this this weekend. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

yeah or reverse engineering the FB package to use the Google cordova plugin. hopefully it’ll get done at some point… by someone… :sweat_smile:



Nice!! Let me take a look.

Can it substitute for the accounts-google package?

In the case of Cordova it replace accounts-google but u need account-google for browser login

This package only focus on Cordova native gplus signin

Look examples that’s better

I see what you mean now. (Sorry to be greedy…but…!) I’m looking for something that works seamlessly to override core:accounts’ own accounts-google package for Cordova. particles4dev-team:meteor-accounts-facebook-cordova does this for accounts-facebook. It falls back to accounts-facebook for browser.

The reason is then we can use other packages, e.g. useraccounts:core, seamlessly to provide the UI.

Nice work though!

ഒന്നും മനസിലായില്ല കേട്ടോ

Which bit doesn’t make sense?

Wow, your package has really taken off! Nice!