Why isn't there a Blaze for Mobile

Why isn’t there a lightweight version of blaze for mobile platforms which (render) faster than the desktop version!

and won’t include all desktop files! and use less CPU/RAM ?

Blaze 1 is deprecated and no one really knows how Blaze 2 will be look like (we only know that it will be based on React). Reacts virtual DOM can give you some speed improvements on mobile device, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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Thanks a lot

Hope it will be a lot faster than react even if it based on it

Look at Meteoric
(however, if Blaze is deprecated, then Meteoric will be deprecated too).
It’s not exactly a “lightweight version of Blaze for mobile platforms” as you asked,
but an “Ionic for Blaze rather than for Angular”.

If we could make a version of Blaze that renders faster and loads fewer files, we’d probably want that for desktop, too!

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I believe that the original poster was looking for something which would be less functional than desktop and would not support the “bells and whistles” of desktop, just to have better performance under mobile.

yes thank you :smile:
you got my point I meant an improved mobile version of blaze that is lightweight!!


I heard the Tracker is the only thing making blaze so slow because it re-run many times with and without any reason?

Why can’t you fix that?

Tracker doesn’t re-run for no reason. If you carefully manage your dependencies it should be just fine. There’s a PR about having it interact better with Meteor data loading here, which I want to take a look at today or tomorrow:

There is another post yesterday about Tracker and how it is making a lot of problems? isn’t it? they suggested of using Redux!

and if it’s not Tracker, Why is Blaze Slower Than React?

I think you can use basically any tool in non-performant ways - I’m sure it’s easy to write Redux code that doesn’t perform well if you don’t think about it.

Blaze is not slower than React, they have different performance tradeoffs in different situations: http://info.meteor.com/blog/comparing-performance-of-blaze-react-angular-meteor-and-angular-2-with-meteor

Basically I think a lot of these are a matter of opinion, and I personally like React because of the nice API for building components, rather than performance.

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Can you clarify, - the original poster says BLAZE is DEPRECATED? While I know theres a big discussion about REACT etc, where is the notice to say BLAZE is deprecated? I understook MDG was no longer ditching blaze?

Blaze being deprecated is a matter of opinion on what “deprecated” means.

  • Disapproved? MDG still recommends it so it’s not deprecated.
  • Not maintained anymore? It’s clear Blaze isn’t going to receive much love, if at all, so it is deprecated.

So what should you do? Ask yourself if Blaze solves your problems “as it is”. If it does then use it. Blaze works beautifully for a lot of applications (with an extra package) so the way I see it the worst that can happen is for those applications to continue working tomorrow the same way they work today. I’m fine with that. If you’re not, then don’t use Blaze.

Thanks manuel

thats what I thought, and I really like blaze for getting ideas out quickly, its simplicity is incredibly attractive, and while I’m starting to be interested in React, Its one hell of an overhead for learning compared with blaze when introducing the meteor to new devs.