Why meteor publish is not reactive by default?

I have set limit and sort in Meteor.publish,

Initial load it did the job, but after document is inserted or updated, the sort and limit I’ve set won’t have any effect anymore. It sort by id and no limit anymore. So I should write the exact same code I’ve write in server, at client to make it reactive. I feel like it inefficient

Why meteor publish is not reactive by default?

Sorry for asking newbie question

meteor publish is reactive, but it also send just the parts that change during re-subscribe. So if u sort only on server, the new results will be appended on the end behind that initial sorted result set.
They appear to be not sorted anymore on client. But you should have correct document set in minimongo.

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If the client-side sorting was managed by the server, it would lessen the flexibility of the whole system a lot. When you start working on more complex cases, you’ll find yourself happy with the way it was done in Meteor.